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Unfortunatley Dear Customer – we had to close because of Bryan Shobe our former “Restaurant Manager”.

This man is solely the reason why we were forced to shut down the business. Kenneth Bryan Shobe is a besides a Liar, a Thief and Fraud which embezzled 0.5 Million Dollars from our Restaurant!

Bryan Shobe is a sexually herassing almoste every female employee and is also on the IRS Blacklist, as we found out – too late. With lying and stealing for the last year we were forced to close the doors.

We are so very sorry – but very thankful that you’ve been our customers until the very last minute.

See more on our Facebook Page:

Criminal Bryan Shobe Bradenton Florida US

Welcome – it’s our pleasure seeing you here.


                                                          “Best Pizza in Town 2014” – so the Customers Reviews


“That’s what America needs: More Food!” This was the sarcastic first comment of a friend of ours when we started with the idea to open a Restaurant last year . No, we don’t just want to offer ordinary food. With our restaurant we make a difference with more delicious dishes, with ingredients from the local farmers and organic products. Our motto is that everyone diserves a great meal for a small reasonable price.

Designed was the restaurant by the owners themselves. Not only does Breakpoint offer great food our guests also get to enjoy their meals in a beautiful and fondly arranged ambiance.

The Breakpoint is primarily a “walk in” restaurant. We do accept reservations for groups of six or more. If you wish to celebrate in private you are welcome to enjoy your birthday, anniversery or any other party of up to 50 people with us.

Breakpoint is a neighborhood spot that attracts people from all over the city. Located in Bradenton West, we are, according to
a customer ” a little gem of a restaurant.” Our guests appreciate our consistently good cooking as well as the young and friendly staff . Come in and experience our exquisite Mediterranean food yourself or start off your weekend with a fabulous breakfast at Breakpoint.


Opening hours:                                                                                Daily from: 11am – 9pm

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